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Sunday, February 26, 2012

MASSAGE as more than a once a year luxury gift…

I believe that Massage can become a tool that can allow you to come more into touch with your own body's health and well being. To do this you must set massage in your schedule as a regular practice so that over time you can develop your own ability to listen and communicate with your body. Also, I believe you need an exercise program that fits your activity level and that also is regular in your schedule. This is because I believe that learning to watch and listen to, the "body/mind communication" going on within your body takes time, practice and patience. It must be an ongoing communication practice that develops over time. It takes years to build up some of the stresses that come to stress us out and stiffen us up. It is not so practical to think that going in to have one massage a year is really going to correct any long term problems. But, a year of regular massage and exercise and a commitment to grow a conscience relationship with your body, your mind and your spiritual essence can bring to light many things you may already know but have buried under years of other priorities. I also believe it is very important to stretch your body well throughout the day. Even if it is only a 5 or 10 minute stretch during a coffee break or lunch or even one slow easy stretch during a bathroom break. Starting with the parts of your body that speaks to you the loudest...!

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