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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Massage, Bodywork and Safety in the time of Craigslist

When looking for massage services it is probably safest to use an established spa, salon or school. If in a hotel it would be safer to ask the concierge or front desk for suggestions in locating a reputable therapist in the area.

If you feel you must have a massage in a location other than an established massage practitioner’s office. Try and use a few rules to protect yourself whether you are the Masseuse or the massaged.

First, realize that unfortunately, in some circles, the word “massage” is used as a camouflage for other illegal services that do not have authorization to advertise publicly. This is part of what makes it difficult for this profession to be taken seriously in the world of Complimentary and Alternative Medicine.

Secondly, when using a computer to advertise OR locate massage services watch out for coded messages and be clear that you are not expecting or providing; “happy endings” “full service” or “full release” massage. Be aware of these “coded” messages that are sometimes used to camouflage illegal services. It is possible that providers who offer legitimate massage, have heard these terms (and in turn use them) yet are not aware of their subtle double meaning and may innocently put out the wrong message.

Thirdly, here are a few more tips provided, on The Today Show, by: Ms. Parry Aftab, the executive director of

1. Use A Security Software Suite Everyday.
“Make sure that everyone is out of your computer and only getting the information you give them.”

2. If Meeting An Online Companion Or Client, NEVER Go Alone.
Go with friends or take someone with you.

3. Make Sure Other’s Know Of Your Actions.

4. Do Your Homework
Look into who you are meeting, Google them.
Use care in what you are doing.
Don’t do anything online you wouldn’t do offline.

When in doubt, ask questions. Be clear about your objectives.
“Prepare for the worst and hope for the best.”

Monday, April 20, 2009

Rules of Tipping

We all know that waiters should get somewhere around 20 percent of the final bill. Are you feeling confused about tipping your massage therapists?

“TIPS” is an acronym for, "To Insure Prompt Service." Tipping is not mandatory.
Tipping is a way of communicating just how much you appreciated the services you have received.

Service providers should generally be tipped anywhere from 18 to 22 percent. The 10 to 15 percent tip is antiquated.

Consider that most massage therapists are paid at or below minimum wage and rely on tips in the same way as waiters and waitresses. Some massage therapists are independent contractors yet have to pay to rent the rooms in the spas and salons in which they work. Unless they are the owner of the establishment they do not receive the total of the monies paid to them for their services.

The amount to tip is generally 15 to 20%. Therefore a massage at a cost of $90.00 would receive a tip between $13.00 and 18.00. Depending upon factors such as how much you enjoyed the service, whether you are a regular customer or how effectively you feel the session has addressed your needs.

Tipping is based in the United States upon the REGULAR price of the service. Therefore if you get a gift certificate for a 20% discount, you would still TIP on the ORIGINAL price.

If you should receive a certificate or coupon for a free spa treatment, call the manager before you go and ask if the gratuity is included. If it is not, ask for the estimated value of the gift certificate, and then tip in cash based upon that amount.

Using proper tipping etiquette, the percentages of your tips do not change because of the cost of the service. Of course, you can always tip on the lower end of 10-20%, yet, if you are going to go to a more expensive salon, it is assumed that you can afford the higher pricing plus tip. If this is really a big crunch for you, then I would recommend going less often or finding a salon or spa that is more within your budget.

Saturday, April 18, 2009


I recently did a chair massage gig at a products convention. It was a fun job in the foyer of the facility that held the gathering. When providing massage one often hears lots of stories from the patrons.

One instance that stuck in my mind was from a young lady who was working the same event and had found her way to our little oasis. She was of European descent and commented to another member of my team on how humorous it was that Americans could not adequately distinguish between sensual touch and sexual touch. In many cases this is so true. At times, men are afraid to accept massage from a woman unless they are interested in that woman sexually and thus preventing themselves from having one of the most remarkable and pleasurable NON sexual experiences if their lives. Some men likewise cannot allow themselves to be massaged by a man for the fear that somehow this will create some sort of insinuation as to their sexual preference. Likewise, some women cannot allow themselves to relax and experience massage because they feel their bodies will be on display for critique.

Question: What are some of the thoughts that that YOU associate with massage?

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Learn the ART of Massage!

Massage is a wonderful ART!

AARP states in it's April 2009 "Bulletin" that, Researchers have found...massage reduces pain and stress throughout the body; it may also lower blood pressure and boost immunity. But that's only if your massage partner returns the favor."

So to that I say: Learn to perform massage. Classes are fun. The "AARP Bulletin" also lists
GIVING a massage as one of "8 Surprising ways to burn 50 calories". If you weigh say a basic weight of 180lbs. you would typically only have to work giving a massage for 8 - 9 minutes to burn 50 lbs.

LEARN THE ART of Massage, today! You will appreciate what massage you now receive more in the future and learn more about your own body.

Massage By Millie Art Riggs demonstration:

Arvigo Massage

Massage and Weight Loss

Watch what your nails can say about your health:

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