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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Myofascial Release

Myo is a medical prefix indicating or referring to: "Muscle".

Fascia is a seamless web of connective tissue that is incorporated within, covers, connects, and holds the muscles and organs to the skeletal structure of our body. Fascia envelopes every structure in the body; each nerve, bone, muscle, organ of the body is surrounded by fascia.  Muscle and Fascia are united forming the myofascial system. Fascia forms an integrated web that unifies the body, connecting all body parts together and giving us our recognizable shape. Fascia covers about half of the muscles attachment of the body, thus muscle tone has direct connection with the tightness of fascia.

"Myofascial release (MFR) is a collection of approaches and techniques that focuses on freeing restrictions of movement that originate in the soft tissues of the body." -Riggs/Grant

"Myofascial release is manual technique for stretching the fascia with the aim to balance the body. Fascia is located between the skin and the underlying structure of muscle and bone, it is a seamless web of connective tissue that covers and connects the muscles, organs, and skeletal structures in our body. Injuries, stress, trauma, and poor posture can cause restriction to fascia, and the goal of myofascial release is to unlock fascia restriction and restore its balance." -Terra Rosa

"Myofascial release leads to improvements in the body's structural integrity and seems also to reach underlying or hidden information in the subconscious. This provides the opportunity for patients to examine their emotional state and belief systems that may no longer be relevant and may hinder healing. This allows for self-discovery and the opportunity for change and improvement." -John F. Barnes

Myofascial release is (among many other components) passive and active stretching of the fascia within the muscles and joints, it slows down to the body's natural, intuitive rate of release. You must experience it to understand how well it can work for you. -Millie Jones

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