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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Interested in Myofascial Release?

Interested in Myofascial Release?

Check out the following web site and the excerpt below:


John F. Barnes’ BLOG & Therapeutic Insight Article

Massage Magazine, a national and well respected publication

recently performed a survey to discover who their readers

most wanted to learn from and the topics they wanted.

John F. Barnes, PT and Myofascial Release

were at the top of their list.


View additional postings by John F. Barnes, PT on his

MFR BLOG at Massage Magazine. Have a specific question

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Water, water everywhere

October 21, 2009 · 1 comment

Water is a vital part of living things, especially the human

being. The following facts from my rebounding seminar

may be of interest to you.

“Over 70% of total body weight is water. Most people

know that blood, lymph, urine, sweat, and tears are mostly

water. The lungs are 90% water, the brain

is 76% water, and even the bones are 25% water.

“67% of the water in the body is inside the cell

(i.e. the intracellular fluid). The other 33% lies outside

the cells in the extracellular fluid that flows through the

fascia’s extracellular matrix.”

Scientific research on the fascial system was done on

cadavers. As we all know cadavers are brittle, so the

only focus was on the three dimensional fibrous

network and no attention was paid to the fluidity of

the body. The fascial system is the container of the fluid

and the transport medium of the fluid and all that

lies within.

I would like to quote from the 40 years of research done

in Germany. “The Extracellular Matrix and the

Ground Regulation” by Alfred Pischinger is a

fascinating book full of information about the importance

and functions of the fascia’s extracellular matrix. The

following quotes are by Dr. James Oschman

who wrote the foreword:

“The ground substance gel is composed of water,

proteoglycans and related molecules with strong collagen

fibers embedded within it.”

“Recent research also has demonstrated that the matrix

components are actually semi- conducting liquid crystals,

materials known to have a variety of remarkable

properties for transmissions, storage and processing of


“Simply stated, every function and every process of the

human body involves the fascia’s matrix in one way or

another. The reason for this is every cell in

the body is nourished by the fascia’s extracellular matrix

and all waste products of the cellular metabolism likewise

pass through the ground substance which is the actual

milieu. The matrix is also the terrain in which all

immune responses and tissue repair processes take place.”

These 40 years of research have helped to explain why

Myofascial Release is so extraordinarily effective. This is

an exciting time to be a Myofascial Release therapist.

Join us to be part of this important revolution in



1 response

Woody Haiken Thank you John for another informative

article. What came to mind as I read your post is the

work of Dr. Masaru Emoto, who did studies on how our

thoughts affect the crystallizing of water. If we are able

to affect water with our thoughts and emotions, and most

of what we are made of is water, does this give some

explanation why our traumas lead to fascial restrictions

on a cellular level? Also, would this explain why a skilled,

centered and grounded MFR therapist is able to effect

change on a cellular level? As always, John–I treasure

your insights, and value you as a teacher and mentor.

Woody Haiken, NCTMB

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